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Vol. 2
“The Final Touch of Online”

Digital Sessions

by Tobias Horvath
(reading time 2 min.)

Production has come to a stand-still. But we’re here. Ever since the effective death of video tape, our work has been communicated and delivered digitally. We don’t have to reach for the status quo in these trying times, we’re already there. Where home office setups break apart with simple video conferencing, we are able to deliver the same broadcast quality as before. Instead of playing catch-up, we can innovate. This is an absolute privilege.

In the past, the online finishing process ended with an in-suite approval process. Nowadays, this approval usually happens via digital approval files viewed remotely. The major drawback here is not being able to guarantee a critical viewing environment, so when we speak about the results, we know we’re all seeing the same truth in imagery. We’re able to help out here by supplying a calibrated monitoring device, but this is not what we’re here to talk about today.

We need to think about the time after COVID-19. Chances are, work life will be different, and we’d like to offer new opportunities to engage in the online finishing process without the need to be present on location. Our offices aren’t going anywhere, but you can be.

The stoic process of implementing written feedback and sending out waves of approval files is old and tested. At this point in time, we are able to iterate through ideas quickly only to be hindered by a slow approval process. We’d like to keep communication open and fluid, so starting off, we’d like to offer screen sharing sessions with our artists. Speak to us about the possibility of streaming a true picture to wherever you are in the world, and what possibilities this can offer for you and your clients, as well as the scheduling, time, and cost savings you can achieve going forward.

This is an open call for discussion. Rest assured that we will be going on this journey with you, and it’s going to be wonderful.